TIME TABLE ( Wig-Making for 7 days)
Day 1   WEFTING : Threading & Stitching with 1 Sewing Head only
  POSTING -How to operate M/C, CW435-HP
Day 2   WEFTING : Threading & Stitching with all Sewing heads
  POSTING with non-wavy hair in Weft
Day 3   WEFTING :Threading & Weft-making with all Sewing heads
  posting  with non-wavy hair in Weft to produce Wigs with no wave
  IMPLANTING hair onto Skin with CW440-HI to produce Skin Crown, Skin Parting, Skin Top
  WEFTING fromThreading (to set proper tension -very essential ) & Weft-making
  CURLING -How to operate M/V
  CURLING -How to make various curls with pipes, etc
  POSTING with Curly Wefted Hair to produce finished Wigs
  IMPLANTING hair on Skin with CW440-HI & Skin base designing
Day 5   How to calculate the amount of hair, hair length to be cut (used) for each section
 in a color, and a size
  How to fill in a Work-Sheet to show hair-length distribution, color-distribution,
       sewing instruction, posting instruction (no of wefts, length of wefts), etc 
  HACKLING ( how to mix 2 colors or more different colors )
  WEFTING  from Threading (with proper tension of thread)
  CURLING to produce Wavy Wigs
  POSTING with Curly Wefted Hair & Skin Parting Pc to produce 
finished Curly Wigs with Skin Parting
Day 6&7   TEST & FINALIZING: We give(show) a wig ( or, your sample-wig) for a trainee to
  to duplicate it in front of us for 2 hours using all machines, materials, etc.
  We call it " TEST-WIG MAKING".
  Each trainee should make 4 different styles of wigs on Day 6 and Day 7.
  For each wig, Trainee should fill in a work(production)-sheet  before making wigs.
   1) Long Wig with No Wave & Skin Top
   2) Long Wig with Slight Wave & Skin Parting  There are dozens of extra technical
   3) Short Wig with Curly Hair & Skin Crown  things used for  better quality of wigs
   4) Short Wig with Wavy Hair & No Skin not listed ( mentioned) in this page, but
   or Similar styles of trainee's own sample-Wigs we teach during the wig-making class.
  During testing, we teach trouble-shootings such as ;
  How to change ( assemble and dis-assemble) sewing heads and parts (springs, needles,etc)
  How to fix it when thread or hair get stuck and jammed
  How to fix and adjust  it when settings of angles, tension of parts get loose or broken.
In case trainees take additional class days, the additional class will be held for making more
wigs more deeply and more detailedly just like Day 6 & 7.
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