Into our TuTtInto Hands-On-Training (Tutoring) Classes, we have integrated all of our experience, techniques, and information in various categorise/fields
we have learned, obtained, used, upgraded since 1982~ 1972.

We & John Yim have provided Hands-On-Training (Tutoring) classes since 1993.
We are not like school teachers, but we are factory-workers, technicians with more than 30 years of production experience and still working .

Our chief trainer(one person) in charge of Human hair processing (coloring) has processed about 2,000,000 Kgs of H/hair for himself (with assitants for washing hair ) about more than 20 million Kgs together with staff-dyeing men) since 1975 for hundreds of overseas buyers including most of major human hair wig importers, Human hair weft (Hair Extension) importers in USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, etc.

Our chief trainer (male) who is in charge of Wig-making and Weft making producing & up-grading & developing Wig-making sewing machines has produced or fixed/adjusted about 40,000 sewing machines for 45 years since being 15 years old.
He and his 3 friends invented the 3 Head Wefting machine for the first time in the world, ( Before there were only 1 head machines through the world. Koreans had imported single head-sewing machines from Japan before their invention.
And later, he developed and up-graded all kinds of sewing machines used in wig-making such as Skin machine, High-car in your attachment. He used be a manger of one of biggest wig factory in Korea 30 years ago, and run a his own factory, and joined John Yim to train hundreds of Chinese factory people at a time as a Overseas Training Program, dozens in Bangkok, Thailand, several persons in Israel, etc ; and in Korea mainly & usually one or a few persons at a time with John Yim.

Our Weft-sewing trainer(female) above has produced more than 9 million-meters of wefts for more than 30 years which were used in making about 750,000 wigs or more than 3 million pcs of Wefts (113 Grams/pc or 1/4 pounds/pc)

Our Skin(Hair) Implanting trainer
for herself has produced about 0.3 millions of skin parts of m/m wigs for 25 years producing abou 100 pcs of skin tops per day.

Our Hand-tie trainer has produced about 9,000 pcs of fine quality of hairpieces for men for about 30 years.

John Yim as the training program manager haing made/exported Wigs, Wefts, Human hairpiece in bulk/weft, Toupees, Top closures in the past, and additionally since 1990 has been making machines, wig supplies &wig materials, chemicals, textiles (netting materials), and in addition since 1993 providing Hands-on Training courses for one or 2 trainees in Korea, or in a group of 5 persons, 10 persons, or 300 persons at a time with all kinds of equipments & hairgoods-manufacturing techniques used in producing Wefts, Wigs, Toupees, Human hairpiece (Dyeing, Permanent Curling, Permanent Hair-conditioning), Hair Extensions, etc.

Now, Johh Korea Ltd. are suppling Machines, Chemicals, Netting materials, Accessories, Tools for over 5,000 customers in 105 countries including (as of June, 2012) 45 Indian companies, 270 Chinese companies, 28 African companies, 17 Russian companies, etc.

All, or most of workers in wig factories in China, Korea, or the world know about limited techniques. Sewing girls know only how to sew, Hair blending girls know only hair blending, Machine engineers who assemble & repair machines do not know about wigcap materials, other kinds of machines, chemicals, etc which are related with Weft-making.
What is more, (most of cases) sewing girl of wefting machine (CW433-3H, CW432-2H, etc) can not operate (work with) other sewing machines such as posting (CW435-HP), nor Hair Implantation machine (CW440-HI). Curl-making people can not operate machines.

But, we do (can) train a person to be able to have most of techniques so that he/she can make wigs or wefts for himself/herself and fix (repair) machines.

Ladies' Machine Made Wig factory people do not know about Men's Hairpiece ( hand-tied) such as manufacturing ( processing) methods, netting materials, chemicals, tools and machines, markets.
Hand-tied Hairpiece (Toupee) factory people do not know about the processing methods of M/M Wigs, Human Hairpiece, Synthetic Hairpieces or (Jumbo) Braids, Netting Materials, their Fibers, Machines, Chemicals, etc.

(Hand-tied) Lace Wig factory do/can not produce Toupees for men wit baldness.

We have had long & much physical & practical (1) manufacturing experience of Wigs, Toupees, Hairpieces in Synthetic fiber, and Human hair, and (2) we have been producing Machines, Chemicals, Synthetic fibers, Human pieces, Netting materials used in making above finished Hair products, And, (3) we have got information and experience about oversea markets as been exported ( mainly in the past) Wigs, Toupees, hairpieces and ( mainly past 10 years by today ) machines, chemicals, netting materials, other accessories, wig & toupee care accessories ( adhesive tapes, bonding glue) and beauty supplies.

Since 1982, we have touched most of RELEVANT CATEGORIES & FIELDS of Hair goods manufacturing for both Men and women; Machine made and Hand tie(made); H/Hair and Syn Fiber.
As HAVING BEEN DOING business, we HAVE BEEN DEVELOPING/UP-GRADING(UP-DATING) processing technologies, equipments, chemicals, tools, and other materials according to our wishes and requests of overseas buyers.

For our Tutoring Classes, we have INTEGRATED & COMBINED all of our (1) EXPERIENCE in manufacturing, marketing and (2) CHNICAL KNOW-HOW in Manufacturing & Use of Wfts, Wigs, Toupees, Human hairpiece; Machines, chemicals, textiles).
Besides, we have tried upgrade Tutoring methods ( approaches) to be easy and more efficient as the only company internationally providing Hands-On-Training (Tutoring) Classes.

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