H.Hair Conditioning(Silky,Soft,Vivid)
Tangle Removal Treatment
H Hair Coloring(Bleaching & Dyeing)
Tape in Hair Skin Weft    
Hair Knot Sealing Clip-on Skin Weft H.Hair Silky Straightening Machine Implanted Hair Bonding
PU Skin Making Lace Wig School Tightest Knotting Method Hand Injected Hair Attaching on SKin
Toupee School M/M Wig School Knotting Needle Trimming Putting PU-Perimeter on Lace Topper
Net Head-Shape Contouring HD Lace Strengthening Treatment
Accommodation(Hotel)/ Location & Transportation/ VISA to Korea/ About Us
We always making efforts to develop and upgrade machines, chemicals, other materials, and manufacturing techniques and skills FOR BETTER and BEST, providing the followings;
(1) Hands-On-Training courses or Online Training for manufacturing Wefts, Wigs, Toupees, Hair Extensions, etc.

(3) Equipments, Materials, Supplies - Machines, Chemicals, Netting Materials,Plastics, Metals, etc.

Raw H/Hair Processing such as Washing(special washing for Indian hair), Bleaching, Dyeing(speical treatment for producing color#613 and fancy colors such as yellow, red, pink,blue), Tangle-Removal,Conditioning , special treatment for thick & stiff hair
(Online Training is available.)

1 Tangle Removal (not including Bleaching & Dyeing Process  
2 Cleaning(4 kinds of washing  
3 methods including special treatment for Indian hair)  
4 Soft/Silky texturing(conditioning)  
  (Online Training is available.)  

Permanent Silky Softing Treatment by physico-chemical way
(Online Training is available.)

How to make wavy hair straight and silky
Curling (Perming, Permanent Curling)
(Online Training is available.)
Lace(Front) Wig & Top Closure-making
(Online Training is available.)
Treatment for preventing knotted hair not coming out from knot (net)
(Online Training is available.)
Treatment for strengthening HD laces which are not strong or durable
(Online Training is available.)
Hackling, Sizing, Blending, Sorting, Leveling
Men's Toupee-Making (a) & (b)
(Online Training is available.)
(a) Base related Class (Online Training is available.)
(b) Hand-Tie Class for Toupees,Lace Wigs (Online Training is available.)


How to put(make) PU perimeter on lace (net,mesh) base of lace toupee, HD topper, and how to replace worn out PU perimeter with new PU perimeter
(Online Training is available.)
<1> Online Training-A: We supply manuals, videos, and technical guidance by email or WhatsApp, and exchange Q & A by email, WhatsApp, or phone, not shipping materials and supplies such as needles, needle holdrs, molds, glues, applicators, etc<> Online .
<2> Online Training-B: We supply manuals, videos, practice materials and tools such as needles, needle holders, a mold, glues(liquid), applicators, etc by courier
We do not make or supply hand-held injection machine.
Meanwhile, we provide online training (remote class) on hair injection except things
(how to operate, how to maintain) directly related with the injection machine.
Specially, gluing related technique is very mimportant.
Besides, we produce the best glues (G7100-INJ, G7400-INJ) for injected hairs.
We provide how to make Poly skin (area) withour shine, 3 kinds of methods (solutions) (1) use of gloss removal agent(liquid) we supply (2) Production system, (3) use of material that we encounter in our daily lives.
Tape in Extension,Skin Wefts,PU Tape Hair
(Online Training is available.)

How to make PU ribbon in 1/2" wide or PU sheet in 10" wide x 20" long
from PU based glue (liquid) used in making Tape-in Hair Extessions or PU skin top without contour shape

Wig-Making (Machine Made) for one who has operated sewing machines for years
Weft-Making (Wefting)

Wig-Making course with a wig machine, CW535-HP)
Trainng Time: 3 ~ 4 days

Weft-Posting (done with CW435-HP) is the main process of Full course of Wig-making.
We show a little part of the whole process in this movie, but all in the training duration VIDEO of CW435-HP
How to have hairs implanted into Skin cap or Skin sheet by machine(our CW440-H)
This work is one of 4 main processes of Full course of Wig-making.
We show a little part of the whole process in this movie, but not all which can be shown and trained in the training duration.
Permanent Bonding (Online Training is available.)
Braid-Making (Jumbo,Yaki Braid,etc) (Online Training is available.)
Eyelash Extension (Online Training is available.)
Pre-Tipped Hairpiece-Making (Online Training is available.)
Other Classes

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